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Flexible usage options for your PLC

The Principal's Companion for Implementing CCSS and Designing an RTI Model:

Implementing CCSS and an RTI Model through Reading/Writing Connections
Implementing CCSS and an RTI Model through Reading to Understand
Implementing CCSS and an RTI Model through Writing for Audience and Purpose

RRIR and the CCSS

Establishing a learning community

"The most promising strategy for sustained, substantive school improvement is building the capacity of school personnel to function as a professional learning community."

—Milbrey McLaughlin, Director
Center for Research on the Context of Teaching
Stanford University

The research is clear: high-level, on-site, and ongoing professional development is the surest route to school improvement in literacy that is sustainable, and Regie Routman in Residence delivers it to your school. Teachers will:

  • develop common beliefs about teaching and learning
  • hold high standards for every child
  • make curriculum and assessment meaningful
  • give children the tools to become independent learners
  • employ an Optimal Learning Model—gradually releasing responsibility to students
  • collaborate with colleagues—develop a rich and effective PLCs.

Focusing on your local needs
Each of the three video-rich programs are comprehensive enough to build a PLC, flexible enough to supplement your PD in place. They will enhance any curriculum in place. With this comprehensive set of resources you can address instructional issues as diverse as:

  • Planning instruction for gradual release of responsibility-an Optimal Learning Model
  • Using formative assessment to guide teaching
  • Developing a comprehensive reading and writing program
  • Conferring with students and providing feedback that moves learning forward
  • Teaching nonfiction reading and writing
  • Reaching at-risk students, engaging all students, and having high expectations for all learners
  • Organizing the classroom for effective and efficient teaching
  • Developing a coherent, schoolwide vision for literacy instruction
  • Building a culture for professional learning

Start with one set or purchase all three programs in the Regie Routman in Residence series.

In each program you'll find:

  • Multiple videos, the anchor of the program, where responsive teaching and collaborative teacher-learning come to life in footage of Regie working with students and educators
  • Complete sessions materials for facilitators and teachers
  • Users manual, session guides, and web-based support to help any leadership team plan and implement Regie Routman in Residence to meet local needs
  • Sturdy Professional Development Notebooks that participants use during sessions and keep as a lasting reference for independent learning
  • All the theory and Regie's signature, smart practice in her foundational text, Teaching Essentials.

All of this cost less than $100 per teacher. That's a great value for a lasting resource that brings sustainable results in enhanced teaching and learning to your program.

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