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RRIR and the CCSS A literacy and video-based professional development series that works with any
existing curriculum and resources

Regie Routman in Residence: The Principal's Companion
Flexible solutions for diverse literacy needs

"The only way all teachers will develop deep understanding about what it means to teach and assess responsively is to engage in ongoing, school-based professional development where viewing, discussing, analyzing, and applying highly effective practices become the norm."Regie Routman, 2012

  • PLCs become more focused on how to raise and sustain schoolwide achievement
  • Principals become stronger instructional leaders
  • Teachers deliver more effective reading and writing instruction to all students
  • The number of students who need intervention decreases

Regie Routman has worked in diverse schools and classrooms as a teacher, mentor, coach, and leader for over forty years. She developed Regie Routman in Residence: Transforming Our Teaching to help leaders and teachers replicate and apply the instructional moves, thinking, language, and ongoing assessment that lead to increased and sustainable achievement and enjoyment, across the curriculum.

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